drizzle-kit: push wants to change column type that hasn't changed

just updated my dependencies:
- drizzle-orm 0.25.4
+ drizzle-orm 0.26.0
- drizzle-kit 0.17.6-76e73f3
+ drizzle-kit 0.18.0

here's my truncated schema
export const artists = mysqlTable("artists", {
  id: serial("id").primaryKey(),
  name: varchar("name", { length: 50 }).notNull(),
  isGroup: boolean("is_group").notNull().default(true),

push:mysql results in: You're about to change is_group column type from alter_table_alter_column_set_type to boolean with 1 items

is_group has always been a boolean, it hasn't been touched in a while, let alone just now between dependency changes. and unless it's some kind of internal thing, alter_table_alter_column_set_type doesn't sound like a valid column type.

downgrading kit back down to 0.17.6-76e73f3 works (i have no changes right now)
This is also happening to me ^
ah i see someone posted an issue like 20 min after i posted this https://github.com/drizzle-team/drizzle-kit-mirror/issues/59
ASAndrii Sherman5/20/2023
Yeah, will fix it, thanks!