Prisma Studio style db explorer

Hey there!

Anyone aware of a prisma studio style db-playground / db-admin-dashboard that works with drizzle?

Would be super cool for developers and PMs alike ❤️
I use table plus, doesn't work with drizzle because it just connects to the db directly
Ah yeah, that’s a nice one - thing is: a) its a seperate app that everyone has to install and b) I manage multiple developer teams, so here the „advantage“ of prisma is, that it just has studio out of the box for free (:

Thank you still for the answer, I think without the context I gave it is a valid one for many use-cases! (:

Have you read my reply above? Would be happy for pointers that adress those points, namely not habing to install and run a separate binary for all of our team members (:
We don't need SQL Editor like Beekeeper Studio. We need a proper CMS-like experience like Prisma Studio.
Also beekeeper is quite expensive imo
ASAndrii Sherman5/31/2023
it's free
When I opened it said it was on 14 day free trial
ASAndrii Sherman5/31/2023
you can use community free edition
Awesome! I was about to look for something else lol! Thank you!