Missing 'with' clause additional operators (where, limit, offset, etc)

Have been digging into the docs and the latest update. ❣️

In the docs (https://orm.drizzle.team/docs/rqb#prepared-statements) it shows a similar number of options for 'with' as it does for the base. The options beyond just columns and extras don't look like they are implemented yet.

Are the additional operators coming or is that section just meant to describe how to include different types of placeholders more generally?

I ask because those operators would be huge for my use case and really allow me to simplify my code considerably. Happy to be patient just wondering if i should continue to plan to do things manually.

Thanks again for such a great product!
I have a query that uses where within a with

await db.query.parent.findMany({
  with: {
    child: {
      where: (child) => eq(child.show, true),