drizzle-kit drop config file does not exist

I have a /foo/drizzle.config.ts file as suggested in the docs (https://orm.drizzle.team/kit-docs/conf).

When I run drizzle-kit drop it fails because it can't locate the config file:

npx drizzle-kit drop
drizzle-kit: v0.18.0
drizzle-orm: v0.26.0

/foo/drizzle.config.json file does not exist

As a workaround I'm using the --config param but I wonder if this is the expected behaviour or if there might be something wrong with my setup.

I would expect it to work out of the box without having to specify a config path since I'm using a standard config file name/location.
I've got the same issue. Just added an NPM script for now :/
ASAndrii Sherman5/22/2023
Working on it