PSQL SQL query does not work

Unable to achieve it with Drizzle helpers - I had to write my query in plain SQL.

I'm trying to build a query that looks like this;

const existingIdentities: Identity[] = await client.execute(
          SELECT * FROM identities
            ip_addresses && ARRAY[${batchIPs}]::varchar[] OR
            anonymous_ids && ARRAY[${batchAnonymousIds}]::varchar[] OR
            email IN (${batchEmails.join(", ")})

But I keep getting the following error;
PostgresError: syntax error at or near "$1"

I do not understand the error and can't manage to find a solution... To give you context,
ip_addresses is a column of identities that is a VARCHAR[]
anonymous_ids is a column of identities that is a VARCHAR[]
email is a column of identities that is a VARCHAR

Then, all the interpolated values are arrays of strings.

Any idea on how to make it work ??? Much appreciated 🙏
first of all, you can enable query logging to see which query is generated
secondly, I suspect the problem is in ${batchEmails.join(", ")} part. You can use the inArray operator from Drizzle instead.