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Release: `TRL 0.0.23` - "v11 hot patch"

Greets @FVTT ▹ Developer!

I just released a hot patch of TRL for v11 support. The only thing changed is supporting the reactive embedded collections API of TJSDocument to take into account the changes of v11. This is not the next full update of TRL. It is just a hot patch. Everything else is the same as TRL 0.0.22 except for the v11 fix for embedded reactive collections. Outside of this one change there should be no other issues using TRL 0.0.23 on Foundry v10 & v11.

Of general interest I recommend updating to the latest Vite: 4.3.8 as there are many improvements in the 4.3.x releases. Also, take note that if you update to a Svelte version 3.57.0 or greater there are new accessibility / a11y warnings depending on what you use in TRL / mainly the RTE editor components. I have already fixed that for TRL 0.0.24, but you will see new a11y warnings when building. This is not a problem and already fixed for the next official release.


Note: The next release of TRL / 0.0.24 that moves things forward will be out in a couple off weeks. Just a heads up that the next release will have some API restructuring / not a change in functionality. This is a firm move toward "beta" and there will be some changes in where various API is imported from in the direction of more finite / exact sub-package exports. The good news is that rock solid TS declarations will be shipped with the upcoming release along with 100% cross-linked documentation making discoverability of aspects of TRL now possible. I'll mention more in the release notes for TRL 0.0.24.