SolidJS15mo ago

Joining SolidJS Vite app with a rest api as single app

Hello, I'm building a simple front end with the default SolidJS+Vite template. I call this the client. The client need to call some things from a rest API server, so I currently have a second Node app running. Let's call this "server". The server uses Express to do some simple file management. This is all fine and well. When I'm building for production I first build the client into /dist. I then move the /dist folder into the server and build the server into the final /dist for production. This works, but I think it's a little ugly. Preferably I would want to have one single Node project with a single package.json, but that still has hot reloading. How is this normally done?
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zimo15mo ago
Maybe SolidStart can do this?