Suspense not updating when navigating to Route directly

Hey folks, I am currently having a weird issue I can't quite solve: We have a route which receives data via routeData + createServerData$. The routes JSX is wrapped with <Suspense />. Now when I navigate to this route from another route, our data will be set correctly and <Suspense /> will eventually resolve. However when I simply type the url in to my browser and navigate directly to the route, suspense will never resolve. data() keeps being undefined. I logged inside createServerData and the data seems to be correctly accumulated on the server, I just does not seem to be served to the client. Anything obvious I am missing here? Thanks in advance PS: I will try to create a minimal reproducable example asap - I just wanted to get this question ouf beforehand in case there's something obvious I am doing wrong 🙂
oneiro266d ago
Hm, I can't quite reproduce the issue with a simplified example 🤔 Ok, it looks like it was a missing <Show /> as direct descendant of our <Suspense /> Should we always combine Suspense with Show with solid-start?