Gotcha yea the Rhino has no idea what is

Gotcha.. yea, the Rhino has no idea what is going on inside MSFS as there is no native FFB. Even with TelemFFB, I don't think there is enough data available in the sim to try to implement any sort of force-trim feature. Is there even a 'force trim' button binding in MSFS? Admittedly I have flown very little MSFS since before they (natively) supported Helis. I cant get over that the throttle and collective bindings are still tied together so you can't even use the same control bindings sets for fixed and rotary aircraft w/o causing glitches.
blave549259d ago
There is not a trim reset binding (but there is " SET ROTOR LONGITUDINAL TRIM and the same for LATERAL), although the H145 (which overloads non-helicopter bindings with the long list of its own) does have one (that's what I fly 95% of the time). AND Asobo has now split out the helicopter axes so the problem you mention (which I never encountered for some reason) should not happen anymore.