Pivot table issue

When creating a new Company Litter, I have a pivot table called company_litter that gets filled automatically by Filament But for some reason it's still requiring a company_id field in the litters table Filament fills in the company_id in the litters table, as well as the company_litter table Do you know why this might be happening? I want to remove company_id from litters table
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JamesTechDude12mo ago
It looks like I have to use something like this, but it's not too clear on how to properly do this... https://filamentphp.com/docs/3.x/forms/fields/repeater#integrating-with-a-belongstomany-eloquent-relationship Nevermind, I'm going to get rid of this pivot situation and switch it back to just 1 company ID for each record of this litters table For anyone else curious, looks like it has to be like this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/73505050/laravel-many-to-many-relationship-with-pivot For me, that's just too involved right now haha Thank you!