⚠️ Before asking - Read your error messages carefully and try to understand them. - Try searching the docs and Discord. - Be patient! Nobody is paid to answer you. If your question doesn’t get answered within 24h, bump it with a new message. Do not DM or tag anyone! - Write a good question. This will make it more likely that people answer. (See Below) 🚒 First-Aid 1. Check the console of your browsers Dev Tools for errors 2. Clear your browser cache. 3. Delete the /resources/views/vendor directory if it exists. 4. Recompile your theme if you have one with npm run build 5. Run php artisan filament:upgrade if you haven’t 💭 How to write good questions 1. Pick a good title. “please help!” or similar title will probably be ingored. 2. Give more information in the body. Title-only messages usually won’t give enough information and will be ignored by many people. - Explain what are you trying to do and why. - Explain what you did so far. - Explain issues you had or where you got stuck. - Mention if you don’t have experience with PHP, Laravel or Livewire - Don't write a book (people don't like reading much) but provide enoug info so we don't need to ask 5 times. 3. Share your error if there is one (Click the “Share” button on the expection page and paste the Flare link) 4. Add code examples. Include them inside triple backticks so Discord can format them. Trim needless indentation so people on mobile can read your code. Don’t send screenshots. If there is too much code use GitHub Gists. ```php your code ``` 📋 Template: What I am trying to do: What I did: My issue/the error: Code:
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