Nova vs Filament Admin Panels

Hello guys. Maybe a rookie question in terms of Admin panels, but does anyone of you see any benefits of using Nova vs Filament or vice versus excluding the price terms, which is clear for me? What I am asking myself is should I spend some dime to invest in Nova or I should stick to the good old so far so good Admin panel which thanks to @tuto1902 and the great community I've learned and extended to cover all my project needs so far. Here are the points that I am thinking of: 1. Performance 2. Ease of install 3. Ease of upgrade without sacrificing any data 4. Ease of adding panels/fields/forms etc. 5. Modules extension and extra functionality without some crazy coding and time investment. In other words, anybody can share their PROS or CONS for any of the two, which could help others take their own decision. I personally liked Filament since v2, but I did not dare to use it much in projects before master minds like Tuto, Toni and many others gave me enough kicks to start small and realize its true potential. These days there are just 2 things I've not done yet - payments for plans or per item terms as well as having custom admin theme for the complete admin panel (and no, I am not talking about filament theme with changed colours, but real custom-built Admin Panel that is implemented by client's requests or your premium admin you have purchased some time ago and would like to use for a project). I, for sure, like the free Filament as Nova is a great supporter to Laravel main mastermind but for a tiny project paying the fee sometimes is an overkill. What is your experience with both and what you dis/liked about one vs the other?
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einnlleinhatt_9mo ago
I would say just try it first and explore but there is ofcourse a limitation when your apps is growing. And it's also depending on the project you are working on. I myself haven't try nova because of the pricing, I found out filament about a 2 months ago and I'm in love. It's simple and ease to use.
tuto19029mo ago
I can't think of a single reason to use Nova when Filament exists. I once looked at the features listed in the Nova documentation and I couldn't find anything that Filament didn't already have. You may get better customer support since you're paying for it (and I'm just assuming on that one), but given the size of the Filament community, I don't think there's anithing missing in that matter either. So yeah, I wouldn't switch to Nova. I honestly think Nova was the better option until Filament showed up.
MilenKo9mo ago
You've made a really good point @tuto1902 that is why I like sticking around with Filament as it allows us do the same things as with Nova. Of course there is also the support to payback to the Laravel creators who also own the Nova admin, but there are ways to support the project even without buying the admin if one want. Thank you for the shared experience 😉
TDT8mo ago
May I ask when did you made this comparision between Nova and Filament and how deep it was? I'm about to decide which of them I should use for a new SaaS project. @tuto1902
tuto19028mo ago
To be completely transparent, I've never used Nova. The subscription model wasn't for me. My comparison is solely based on the advertised features and the documentation of both (at a glance). This was just when Filament 3 came out. And again, just to be perfectly clear, these are all personal opinions and I'm not taking any credit away from the amazing work the devs have put into Nova. It is by all means a great product. I just don't see myself paying for it when I can use Filament instead.