Group records in sort order

Hi, Tuto - I have been watching your vet clinic streams lately and have a question. When we group a table, we can dispaly it in ASC or DESC order. But can we add the third parameter - 'sort_order' to the dropdown? Filament offers sorting out of the box and grouping by sort order by default would be nice in one of my projects. Thanks!
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tuto19028mo ago
Have you tried customizing the group query? I think you can add ->orderBy() to the query and that will allow you to have default sorting on your group. I hope that answers your question
Kidereo8mo ago
Thanks, Tuto - you certainly sent me in the right direction which is to read the documentation! In the end I used Group::make('post.sort_order') and then ->getTitleFromRecordUsing(fn (Comment $record): string => ucfirst($record->post->title)) to achieve the required effect. Thanks again!