Is there someone can help me to understand Multi-tenancy concept??
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MilenKo8mo ago
Hello @Yassine Can you please be a bit more specific what is not that clear for you with multi-tenancy?
tuto19028mo ago
Here's a good video about it
Mohamed Said
Multitenancy in Laravel: Migrations, Testing, and switching tenants
In this video, we discuss how we can achieve multitenancy in Laravel using the database-per-tenant approach. We cover: - Managing multiple DB connections - Migrating & seeding tenants & admin databases - Running tests against tenant & admin databases - Connecting to the correct tenant on requests/jobs Here's a link to the example application: ...
Yassine8mo ago
I have this error i'm using multi tenancy, I have companies table and i have fuel_options table that is linked with the companis table whene i create fuel option i get the error in the picture
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tuto19028mo ago
Can you share the implementation of the Company and FuelOption model classes? And also the panel configuration (app\Providers\Filament\AdminPanelProvider.php). This error tells me that Filament probably doesn't know about the Tenant and it's not adding the foreign key when the fuel_options record is being created, therefore the company_id is not present in the INSERT and the database complains