attach properties to products - many to many relation

I have ProductResource and I want to associate some Properties to each product. For this I made a PropertiesRelationalManager The PropertyResource is bind of Property model and to the properties table. The properties table have the 2 columns, id and name The property values are stored in the property_values table which have the following columns: id, property_id and value I have a pivot table product_property with the following columns: id, product_id, property_value_id, property_id and quantity I created a PropertiesRelationManager and registered on the ProductResource and it’s form method looks like this: public function form(Form $form): Form { return $form ->schema([ Forms\Components\Select::make('property_id')->label('Properties') ->relationship('properties', 'name') ->options(Property::all()->pluck('name', 'id')) ->live() ->required(), Forms\Components\Select::make('property_value_id')->label('Values') ->relationship('properties.values', 'value') ->options(function (Forms\Get $get) { $property = Property::find($get('property_id')); return $property ? $property->values->pluck('value', 'id') : []; }) ->live() ->required(), Forms\Components\TextInput::make('quantity'), ]); } Now when I want to save, I get Call to a member function associate() on null Any help will be much appreciated!
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tuto19027mo ago
The associate() method is used in BelongsTo relationships, but everything seems to point to a BelongsToMany relationship between Product and Property (given the use of a pivot table). Do you mind sharing the code of these two Models (Product & Property). I feel like there might be a problem with the relationship definition.