RunPod7mo ago

Feature Request / Is it possible RunpodCTL

Just sharing a wish / pending thought as a backlog wish ~ Is it possible to add a CLI command to runpodctl, where it generates SSH keys / stuff, and I can send "the public key" to another pod and stuff, and it automatically adds it to the authorized public keys etc. And then it does a connection and a direct SCP file transfer? Just in my head that would be an amazing tool to have. I'd imagine something like: Pod 1: runpodctl setup networking send ... Pod 2: runpodctl receive networking ... --- Pod1: runpodctl send file PodID2
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flash-singh7mo ago
you want to move a file between 2 pods? are they within same region or across region?
justin7mo ago
Yeah… Send things between two pods directly. Nah this just more of a, feature request so that in the future instead of u said runpodctl transfers use a middle man server, there is an option for directly copying stuff over In my head it just a direct ssh copy be faster so be curious to see if could utilize runpodctl sort of like a way to automate ssh keys and stuff lol
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