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User facing Form / Survey builder

Hi everyone, new to Filament but very excited to be getting started! I'm looking to implement a user facing form / survey builder that basically takes user input in the form of survey questions and the user can submit answers, maybe with some templates that an admin can create and owner can use, probably with tags so we can analyse data through a panel of widgets (?) I've done a rough POC using panels (awesome and working fantastic with multi tenancy) and then started using laravel-survey for the form / surveys with a custom filament page as a preview but it doesn't feel very... dynamic? And just feels less "filamenty" than I intended.. As my layouts will need to be hardcoded with blade and I'd like to use maybe steps to separate a long form or even allow a user to choose this. I'm sure I could code each section as a wizard step or even extend it. Before committing to the above I was doing some more searching and found this tweet https://twitter.com/danjharrin/status/1557683571103617025 and it looks a lot more dynamic and more fit for my purpose but I think it was done in Filament v2. My question is this.. would the above still be the recommended way to do this in v3? Or has anyone else attempted anything similar and have implementation suggestions? Many thanks and very impressed with Filament so far! (Currently using a RILT stack)
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