Filament6mo ago

Terms and Policy

Does anyone know how to implement a jetstream like terms and privacy policy?
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dissto6mo ago
Well you should go into more detail i guess. If you want to create a privacy policy page you could check here if you want to add a checkbox for example to the registration form you could check this
Anish6mo ago
In Laravel Jetstream, there is a feature called Terms and privacy policy. You have to create two markdown files and name them as policy.md and terms.md and keep them in your resources directory under markdown sub-directory and enable the feature in the Jetstream config file by uncommenting the corresponding line. Once it is done, Laravel will take the user after registration and email verification to that terms and policy page. Unless the user agrees to the terms it will not let the user continue to the dashboard. The email verification is already available in Filament. Is there a way to do the terms and policy page also?