what are some ways to optimize Apache2.4 and MySQL for filament v3?

As title mentioned, i'm looking for a way to optimize the speed and performance for Filament v3. The benchmark i have now is on a fresh copy comparison between local (Mac M1, 16GB RAM) vs production (AlmaLinux VPS, 12CPU, 12GB RAM) environment Production took 100% more time to complete a livewire request than local environment
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Tieme6mo ago
Did you deploy laravel the correct way? https://laravel.com/docs/10.x/deployment
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lzx19966mo ago
Yes, except the server is not using Nginx, but using Apache 2.4
awcodes6mo ago
Can you validate the difference between a local server and the proximity of your production server? Ie, local will always be fast because there’s no distance latency. If local is fast but production is slow it’s probably not a problem with the framework.
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