Verification Redirect not triggering

I have created a panel with ->emailVerification() activated. I then created a user that is not verified and attempted to access the panel. Rather than being redirected to the verification page, I get a standard 404 Forbidden response. This is response is being generated by canAccessPanel on the User model. If I set the result here to true I can get into the Panel. What might be preventing the Email Verification from kicking in?
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Tieme6mo ago
The mail is not triggerd when you manualy create a user only when you register a account. you need to send the mail after the user hase been created.
SonjaTuro6mo ago
I didn't do a great job explaining. I'm not referring to the email. I am referring to a logged-in, non-verified user accessing a panel. It should be redirecting to the page for resending verification email, but does not. Fortify is also installed (for a different use case) and for routes protected by that, the redirect works correctly.