viewrecord on modal not showing record

->columns([ TextColumn::make('rekening.nama') ->searchable(), TextColumn::make('rekening.no_rek') ->label('Label'), TextColumn::make('saldo') ->money('IDR') ->summarize([ Sum::make() ->money("IDR"), ]), TextColumn::make('updated_at') ->label('Terakhir Di Ubah') ->since() ]) my table column ->actions([ Tables\Actions\ViewAction::make(), ]) My View Action i dont know what is wrong
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LeandroFerreira6mo ago
console errors? What is the filament version?
Sector6mo ago
the properties are visible in the model?
jepewsykes6mo ago
v3.2.27 bro unguarded model bro no error on console bro i dont know why 😦