Filamentβ€’5mo ago

Custom text format

Hi there, I am wondering, how could I achieve the following with Filament? Let's say I have a text that is made of: User ID / Resource ID / Counter Ie: 500 / 1234 / 1 And the order of the fields can be customizable, ie it can be for some Resource ID / Counter / User ID Is there a way to preformat text with Filament by using the fields and a pattern or I shouldn't look into Filament for this part?
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Tiemeβ€’5mo ago
What is the goal for this? Don't think you need to look into filament for this. Is the custom text editable or only set once?
Prosp30β€’5mo ago
Non editable, auto filled. I looked into it, since theres only a set of amount of fields, I just use regex to check if the format is okay and then use string replace on a model function, when the value needs to be calculated and returned to the TextInput field. Works great. I was kinda hoping something like that exists in Filament, since it keeps blowing me away with how some things are simple ti make 😁