Filament Select Form Component

Does anyone knows or experience using the select form components? I have 2 models which are Standard and Scheme, under the standard models here’s the fields, ‘id’, ‘standard_name', 'standard_description' then the Scheme is ‘id’, 'scheme_name', 'standard_1_id', 'standard_2_id', 'standard_3_id', 'standard_4_id', 'standard_5_id', 'scheme_description', the standard_1_id, standard_2_id, so on and so forth are connected to one model which is Standard means 5 foriegnkeys that connected to 1 model which is the Standard. For your understanding, Scheme is the integrated standards that means compose of different standards. Now, on the image, I want all the standard list to be available on the Standard 1 then on the Standard 2, I want to disable the selected standard from Standard 1. that means not able to select the standard that has been selected from standard 1 or disable the option from Standard 2, Standard 3, Standard 4, Standard 5 when the standard are already selected. Does anybody has this kind of function in your project or knows how to do it? Appreciate if you could help out. Thanks in advance!
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