Hi all anyone implemented filament with laravel tenancy : ? I want to make filament resource with artisan tenants:run make:filament-resource Ga/Warehouse --tenants=perkasa --option="--generate" but get error : Too many arguments to "tenants:run" command, expected arguments "commandname". actually I can generate resouce with standart command from filament artisan make:filament-resurce Ga/Warehouse --generate the resource created but not with the generate field ( --generate) because not found the database for the tenant
Tenancy for Laravel
Automatic & flexible multi-tenancy package for Laravel.
Automatically turn any Laravel application multi-tenant — no code changes needed. stancl/tenancy automatically switches database connections and all other things in the background, letting you leverage standard Laravel code into a full SaaS application. Most features out of all multi-tenancy packages. Single & multi-database tenancy.
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