Active worker doesn't get enabled

Hi! I've been trying to resolve this for a month now, but chat is very unresponsive, I would very appreciate if we can resolve it here: Seems if you update serverless endpoint from active worker from 0 to X, it doesn't apply until you do a full drop to 0, this is what support advised me to do. Flow: I did as suggested on a serverless endpoint set both active and max workers to 0 -> save -> then set active workers to 1 and max to 5 -> save Worker initialised and started running at 12:55 (my time) Now is 13:03 and it shows that it's been running for 3 mins Which leads me to conclusion it's not active but just init on request as a regular one The same happened when I just updated active worker from 0 to 1 previously. Example I would imagine active worker time would be always increasing eg: If I enable active worker at 13:00 Then if I check in 5 hours Running time should be 5h and so on Since it's said active worker runs 24/7 Final Question Could you please check if active worker enabled for me and if not please help me to do so
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ashleyk5mo ago
Provide the endpoint id so that RunPod can investigate.
fate_picker5mo ago
Id: c43ha58o4jcynr Right now it shows as worker been running for 2 mins while it should be running already for 1h+