RunPod5mo ago

how to deploy suno bark tts model using runpod serverless endpoints

hi i want to deploy the opensource tts model called suno bark on runpod and i want to create an api endpoint for it. can anybody help me do that?
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ashleyk5mo ago
You can ask the community, this is for support from RunPod, not for general help. You can ask in #🎤|general if someone can help you but setting up Serverless endpoints from scratch and guiding you through it is out of scope for RunPod support. Here are some resources for getting started with RunPod serverless: https://blog.runpod.io/serverless-create-a-basic-api/ https://www.youtube.com/@generativelabs/videos https://trapdoor.cloud/getting-started-with-runpod-serverless/ But other than that, you basically have to do everything yourself.