drizzle-kit push:pg and sql commands

I have a schema that I can easily push to my PostgreSQL database. But whenever I have something I want to do outside what I can define within the schema, I need to do a manual sql command in my database. For example I want to run
alter table "table_name" enable row level security;
alter table "table_name" enable row level security;
for my tables, and I want to add that so it is applied when I run drizzle-kit push:pg. Is this possible?
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Richard E
Richard E3mo ago
What I used to do was just tack it onto the end of the last schema change file generated. I don't think there is a way to create an empty migration file for yourself and have it added into the list of migration although that would be nice. I'm using supabase which has it's own migrations story so I've switched away from drizzle migrations totally now