Block Repeater Rating with MorphToMany Relation

Greetings, I have a block with this form inside class Rating { public static function make( string $name = 'rating', string $context = 'form', ):Block { $views = [$view1, $viev2]; return Block::make($name) ->schema([ Select::make('_tpl') ->label('layout') ->options($views), Repeater::make('ratings') ->relationship() ->schema([ TextInput::make('title')->required(), ColorPicker::make('color'), SpatieMediaLibraryFileUpload::make('rating') ->collection('rating'), ]) ->reorderableWithButtons() ->reorderableWithDragAndDrop(true) ->columnSpanFull() ->columns(3), ]) // ->reorderableWithButtons() // ->addActionLabel('Add member') // ->label('Link to article') ->columns('form' === $context ? 2 : 1); } } used inside my ArticleResource resource, whose model has the relationship public function ratings(): MorphToMany { $pivot_class = RatingMorph::class; $pivot = app($pivot_class); $pivot_table = $pivot->getTable(); $pivot_db_name = $pivot->getConnection()->getDatabaseName(); $pivot_table_full = $pivot_db_name.'.'.$pivot_table; $pivot_fields = $pivot->getFillable(); return $this->morphToMany(Rating::class, 'model', $pivot_table_full) ->using($pivot_class) ->withPivot($pivot_fields) ->withTimestamps(); } when I do a save, everything is fine, but: - if I delete a rating, nothing inside the tables is deleted - if I import data via xls/json, when I view the edit page, the data is not displayed/loaded inside where am I wrong? any suggestions? Thanks in advance