Action opening an empty state modal

I'm using Action in a spatie livewire wizard component. When I click on next button once, the step is moved to the next step. But when I click on the previous button then click on the next button, an empty state modal is opened. This bug has been reported before https://github.com/filamentphp/filament/issues/7909 and it looks like it was fixed but it looks like it's back again. The expected behaviour is that moving between components should not open an empty state modal. The screenshot shows how the next and previous buttons are rendered.
Getting empty action modal from page action after failing validatio...
Package filament/filament Package Version v3.0.27 Laravel Version v10.19.0 Livewire Version v3.0.0-beta.9 PHP Version 8.1.22 Problem description When a page action triggers validation through $live...
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