/test command doesn't work but /ping does?

code: https://paste.ee/p/k2cXx please ping me when you respond! Thanks in advance
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BitOfAByte44d ago
doesn't show up either
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Spinel44d ago
Tag suggestion for @BitOfAByte: 1. Which version of @sapphire/framework are you using? 2. What's your file/folder structure? 3. Did you use the CLI to generate your bot? 4. What's your main (CJS) or module (ESM) property in package.json 5. Are you using TypeScript? And if so, how are you compiling and running your code? That is to say, what are your build and startup scripts? - Did you remove your output folder and rebuild then try again? 6. Is your problem related to message commands? Did you add loadMessageCommandListeners to your SapphireClient options Remember that if you are new to @sapphire/framework it is important that you read the user guide.
BitOfAByte44d ago
removing the output folder and try again fixed the issue thanks @Favna