Backdrop Build V3 Credits missing

Hi team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to follow up on the recent offer I received to sign up for RunPod and connect it with my Build account. As instructed, I have successfully signed up for RunPod, ensured that my RunPod account is connected to the same email as my Build account, and marked myself as “interested in” or “building with” on the partner page. However, it has been over 48 hours since I completed these steps, and I have yet to see the promised credits applied to my RunPod account. I am reaching out to inquire about the status of this offer and to kindly request assistance in ensuring the credits are credited to my account as promised. Could you please look into this matter for me or direct me to the appropriate contact who can assist? Your help is greatly appreciated, as I am eager to fully utilize RunPod for my projects. Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your prompt response.
ashleyk40d ago
@Polar can you assist with this?
Madiator201140d ago
Azuremis40d ago
Any progress with this?
haris40d ago
Hey sorry, looking into it now Could you DM me the email you used with Backdrop?
Azuremis40d ago
Sure, thanks
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