Is it possible to add custom variables for creating contracts in the Rich Editor?

I need to create a contract template where variables such as names, addresses, and personal documents can be inserted into the text using a variable.
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Patrick198941d ago
ooh use TipTap editor that is a great package that allows you to add "Blocks" you can customize those blocks for each variabl
Patrick198941d ago
Tiptap Editor by Adam Weston - Plugins - Filament
A Tiptap WYSISYG integration for Filament Admin/Forms.
Patrick198941d ago
super package Im using it to add livewire components to my content, but you could use it for anything you want
awcodes41d ago
If you use the Tiptap editor plugin, the feature you’re looking for is merge tags. No need for a block. It is up to you though to replace the tag in the output html.
Patrick198940d ago
MauMau40d ago
"But I don't want to allow the user to enter the tag manually, as this would significantly increase the error rate due to variables with incorrect names." I will test, my friend, thank you very much
awcodes40d ago
They don’t enter the tag manually. You provide a list of tags. Then the user can choose them from the list.
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