Android Emulator

how to fix this guys please help me.
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TheRanger44d ago
Are you coding with java?
Dayet44d ago
check this out
Dayet44d ago
Captured with Lightshot
Dayet44d ago
i dont know why it goes like that i didn't touch anything
SinFluxx44d ago
Sounds kind of like this: https://github.com/dotnet/maui/issues/14550 Did you add an image file named "class" to your project?
Image wrong name causing error for android build · Issue #14550 · d...
Description When I add image to Resources with name for example "try.png" and BuildAction MauiImage. It gives me error: APT2258 invalid symbol name 'com.companyname.mauiappwrongimagen...
oke43d ago
MODiX43d ago
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