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Error Displaying '[object Object]' in Video Link Field When Switching Upload Options

I have a select field named 'video type,' with two options: 'upload by link' and 'file upload.' When I choose an option, it displays the corresponding field. However, I encounter an issue: when I select 'file upload' and upload a file, and then switch to the 'upload by link' option in the 'video type' field, the 'video link' field displays '[object Object]' in array format. How can I fix this? Here's my code: Select::make('video_type') ->reactive() ->options([ "link" => "Upload By Link", "upload" => "File Upload" ]), TextInput::make('video_url') ->id('link-field') ->required() ->reactive() ->hidden(fn (Closure $get) => empty($get('video_type')) || $get('video_type') == "upload") ->afterStateHydrated( function ($state, $component, $record) { if ($state) { return $component->state($state); } } ), FileUpload::make('video_url') ->id('upload-field') ->required() ->reactive() ->hidden(fn (Closure $get) => empty($get('video_type')) || $get('video_type') == "link") ->disk('local') ->afterStateHydrated( function ($state, $component, $record) { if ($state) { return $component->state($state); } } ), I want the field name 'video_url' to be used for both file upload and text input, as I intend to store my link in that field.
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How to fix it ??