Avoid email while seeding

Hi, i'm trying to deploy my app in my shared hosting server all is ok but when i launch the seeding, too many mails are sent at the same time (is correct) and the server kickout and stops the process. thos email are fake emails for fake customers, i don't need to send it out at this stage (but i need to send while create real users) all the process is in the customer observer, here i create a local user when i create a customer, so is not possiible to exclude or modify the observer i tried to put fake email credential to avoid the sending but the process stops... any idea? I can put all the email in a queque but is a heavy mod...
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ChesterS4mo ago
Maybe this will help? This is not filament related btw https://laravel.com/docs/10.x/eloquent#muting-events
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Soundmit4mo ago
need to check but seems a different thing
Mike🚀4mo ago
There is a trait that you can use from within your seeder. I believe it is called WithoutModelEvents sounds like the thing you're looking for