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Multi Tenancy

Got all my edit functions running for a typically club situation (ie User / membership ) I have added an additional table/class call Club, Ie there are +20 Clubs, The membership table key attributes are ClubID and UserID. Therefore the ER would look like : club 1: m (Membership) M:1 User ( ie a many to many relationship. Therefore it is possible for a User to belong to many Clubs I have followed a few youtube videos but they are always 'one to many' . By following some of the videos , i was successfully able to logon to a user with a 1:1 and was redirected to /admin/{ClubID} . error : page not found , this is the correct URL i was expecting , but my understanding was Multitenant would handle this .. or is this another issue IF you know of any examples of a many to many Please forard Thanks πŸ™‚
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