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Need Help In able to access ssh from my PC to Termux via ssh tunneling.

My ISP utilizes CGNET, preventing me from directly port forwarding to the public network. To overcome this limitation, I explored using Ngrok, but unfortunately, Ngrok only functions within Ubuntu installed in Termux, not directly on Termux itself. Since I operate on Wi-Fi and cannot utilize the hotspot option to run Ngrok, I researched and jumped into the concept of SSH tunneling through services like Serveo,Localhostrun,etc. My objective is to access the SSH of Termux via my laptop on a different network. I initiated TCP port forwarding using the command: "ssh -R hornet:22: serveo.net" And attempted to connect using: "ssh -J serveo.net user@hornet" However, I encountered an error on the client side: "channel 0: open failed: connect failed: Couldn't open remote channel stdio forwarding failed Connection closed by UNKNOWN port 65535" Additionally, the server-side log displayed: "connect_to localhost port 22: failed" Since my sole intention is to access SSH on a different network, Can Someone Help me in resolving this issue or introducing to alternative methods.
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