Using Tailwind

Hi I have a project where I'm using Tailwind. I have a related resouce, which I want to highlught red when the end date is within a defined period, now, that bit works, and it adds a new class (basic tailwind class - bg-red-300) to the tr element within the table, however, whenever I run npm run dev, the base template Filament uses does NOT use the built version of CSS. Likewise if I run npm build it does not use the CSS from public/build/assets. I followed th Tailwind installation guide here https://filamentphp.com/docs/3.x/tables/installation#installing-tailwind-css but that doesn't appear to have helped. Interestingly, anything I add into the app.blade.php file that is suggested to be created in there is also not replicated, which is where I suspect this is not working as intended.
<Λmir>14d ago
You should make a filament theme first, then configure your panel to use it by viteTheme in your panel provider. https://filamentphp.com/docs/3.x/panels/themes#creating-a-custom-theme
sdousley14d ago
That's got it ty @<Λmir>, kinda annoying to have to do that to then copy/paste a load of stuff out the Tailwind core, but it gets the job done 🙂