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Hello, when I create a custom theme (php artisan make:filament-theme) and configure my vite.js file along with my panelAdminProvider.php, all the CSS disappears from my dashboard. And when I add CSS, for it to be recognized, I have to run npm run build. I'm doing exactly as the documentation and numerous explanations on the internet suggest.I'm on Laravel 11. Could that be the cause? I've tried on my current project and a brand new project. Always the same problem.πŸ˜‘
Lara Zeusβ€’16d ago
did you add import preset from 'vendor/filament/filament/tailwind.config.preset' to css
And when I add CSS, for it to be recognized, I have to run npm run build.
this how tailwind works, you have to rebuild every time you change in the css file or run npm run dev
LeChatSoeurβ€’16d ago
It's version 11 of Laravel that's causing the conflict, while version 10 works very well. And thank you for the information about npm run dev/build; I wasn't aware of that.
Dennis Kochβ€’16d ago
It's version 11 of Laravel that's causing the conflict,
What issues do you have with L11?
LeChatSoeurβ€’16d ago
Yes, thank you. During the installation of "filament-theme," all the CSS disappeared! I have just switched to Laravel 10.
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