Lambda example in TypeScript

Does anyone know where I can find example code that demonstrates up-to-date best practices for writing TypeScript Lambda Functions that interact with Neptune?
Valentyn Kahamlyk12d ago
could you describe a bit how you want to use lambda? TinkerPop lambdas are not supported in Neptune, but usually there are other ways to get the desired result
Gremlin standards compliance in Amazon Neptune - Amazon Neptune
Overview of differences between the Neptune and TinkerPop implementations of Gremlin.
dmcmanus11d ago
Sorry for the confusion, I'm referring to AWS Lambda Functions 🙂 I'm looking for examples of AWS Lambda Functions written in TypeScript that read/write to Neptune
Valentyn Kahamlyk11d ago
AWS Lambda function examples for Amazon Neptune - Amazon Neptune
The following example AWS Lambda functions, written in Java, JavaScript and Python, illustrate upserting a single vertex with a randomly generated ID using the fold().coalesce().unfold() idiom.
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