Can't access User profile "isSimple:false" on Team tenant

Hi. Trying to get to User's profile (http://app.test/dashboard/profile) This works public function panel(Panel $panel): Panel { return $panel ->tenant(Team::class, ownershipRelationship:'team', slugAttribute: 'slug') ->tenantRegistration( RegisterTeam::class ) ->tenantProfile( EditTeamProfile::class ) ->default() ->id('dashboard') ->path('dashboard') ->login() ->registration() // user can register ->passwordReset() // user can reset password ->emailVerification() // user must verify email ->profile() This doesn't ->profile(isSimple: false) It shows error: Missing required parameter for [Route: filament.dashboard.pages.dashboard] [URI: dashboard/{tenant}] [Missing parameter: tenant]. It seams that can't build the URLs of the sidebar. Any solution? Thanks