Export to Excel - sub folder does not get url correctly.

My app referer to the sub directy as : domain.com/demo/meterbill -> link to public folder in Laravel app. I could manage other things, but 2 points are still in trooble. 1. After export to excel the notification returl file to download refer to root path: domain.com/file_todownload I expected it should be domain.com/demo/meterbill/file_todownload 2. in upload photo form It does not preview upload logo correctly. #export #subfolder #directory #upload #logo
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Povilas K13d ago
Blind guess: maybe your .env file has APP_URL=https:://domain.com ? And it should be APP_URL=https://domain.com/demo/meterbill
Zen8d ago
It won't work for me. also got issues on photo url, so I got with making .htaccess to rewrite the file to expected path.