How to enforce client loads newest theme.css?

We build the theme CSS on each deploy. How can we tell clients to ignore local cache, and load the newest /public/css/filament/admin/theme.css?
awcodesβ€’16d ago
are you not doing the theme through vite? it should be versioned if you are, which will break the cache.
Dennis Kochβ€’15d ago
For custom themes Vite has cache-busting. For Filament assets: They should be versioned by the Filament version
mpietβ€’15d ago
No, no vite, because we only need some Tailwind customization as of now. We solved it in our build process: We append a query string with a placeholder that gets replaced by a timestamp on build. πŸ˜…
Dennis Kochβ€’15d ago
Vite is so easy to setup with Laravel that I wouldn't mind setting up a different process πŸ˜…
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