Nvidia driver version

Where can I see what driver versions pods use? Is it the same for all GPU types? I get this error even when selecting cuda 12.3 ERROR: This container was built for NVIDIA Driver Release 545.23 or later, but version 535.154.05 was detected and compatibility mode is UNAVAILABLE.
Madiator201115d ago
where do you see that error?
marcusjw15d ago
in the logs
No description
haris14d ago
@marcusjw are you able to provide the pod ID(s) you're encountering this issue with?
marcusjw14d ago
I assume these are the ids? 00wrygy5370iui ltsdjrdzyjv8mj svhzvnibg8ia3u h66no1c7py3rst wk1axhytm3mwh3 although it seems like A100 pods work? maybe using the cheapest GPUs to test my setup was a mistake
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