Call $livewire->js in header actions?

I have this table action which just opens a link with a token, it uses the livewire component to execute javascript because you can't open a link with php. Tables\Actions\EditAction::make(), Action::make('login') ->button() ->color('info') ->label('Log in') ->action(function (Website $website, Component $livewire) { //open wordpress link with token $token = self::generateToken($website->id); if (empty($token)) { Notification::make() ->title('Error: Token Generation Failed') ->danger() ->send(); return ''; } $url = 'https://www.' . $website->domain . '?token=' . urlencode($token); $livewire->js("'{$url}', '_blank');"); i'm trying to have this same action in my edit page header actions, protected function getHeaderActions(): array { return [ Actions\DeleteAction::make(), Actions\Action::make('login') etc etc. ]} however getting various errors App\Filament\Resources\WebsiteResource\Pages\EditWebsite::App\Filament\Resources\WebsiteResource\Pages{closure}(): Argument #2 ($livewire) must be of type App\Filament\Resources\WebsiteResource\Pages\Component, App\Filament\Resources\WebsiteResource\Pages\EditWebsite given, called in vendor/filament/support/src/Concerns/EvaluatesClosures.php on line 35 did i go about this the wrong way, how can i achieve this?
LeandroFerreira17d ago
you can use $this->js(...) in the EditPage
adnn12d ago
i love you
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