POD's ERRORS :((((((

This server has recently suffered a network outage and may have spotty network connectivity. We aim to restore connectivity soon, but you may have connection issues until it is resolved. You will not be charged during any network downtime. MY IDs: g0htfaz7oe0lht brr2em0266otas 2xpbv4mg8ka0v7 All of them are located in NO. PLEASE HELP ME!
Melody15d ago
@Papa Madiator can u help me please?
haris14d ago
Hi @Melody, are you still facing these issues?
Melody13d ago
I removed this crap.
haris13d ago
@Melody, sorry to hear that. I believe we had an outage in the NO region when you were experencing these issues but they are resolved now.
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