Group resource list without model ID

I'm trying to create a page that will bring the records of Student Certificates from the group grouped by Id_student, where I will have a second screen later on that will list the certificates of a specific student selected, but in this case, when I do the Group By, it will return this to me. error "SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1055 'dash_unidesco.mc_certificado_aluno.id_aluno_certificado' isn't in GROUP BY", how can I do this group by? In model "CertificadoAluno" the id would be id_certificado_aluno in Group By I am using another field class CertificadoAlunoResource extends Resource { protected static ?string $model = CertificadoAluno::class; protected static ?string $navigationIcon = 'heroicon-o-collection'; protected static ?string $navigationGroup = 'Micro Certificado'; protected static ?string $navigationLabel = 'Certificado Alunos'; protected static ?string $label = 'Controle de Certificado Alunos'; public static function getEloquentQuery(): Builder { return parent::getEloquentQuery()->select('*')->groupBY('id_aluno'); } ... } If you need more information, just ask