Systems Analysis Report on Apache TinkerPop - Where to Start?

Hey all, I'm currently writing an alaysis on Apache TinkerPop for grad school and was just hoping that someone could point me in the right direction for some good materials or some example uses for this system! Any answers are appreciated, finding out a good chunk on my own through the official docs, but just wanted to see if there are any specific things that the community here thinks are notable. Have not used this before so trying to put together resources in order for me to better explain "what this system does, its architecture (internal parts), how it stores data, its query language [gremlin] and/or APIs, and how it does query optimization".
spmallette17d ago
i'm not sure what you're looking for when it comes to "example uses for this system" - i assume you mean real-world use case examples. you often have to search for the actual TinkerPop implementations to get some of those answers at times. TinkerPop as a framework tends to not get the core mention in blog posts and other news items. anyway, here's a few cases you could look at:
Phillip15d ago
Appreciate it, and yeah sorry for the wording lol. As far as getting together documentation on how the Gremlin system actually stores/uses data would you just recommend going through the tutorials?
spmallette13d ago
A key thing to remember is that TinkerPop is a framework for graph processing so while it has production quality reference implementations for how it should work, you really would need to consult the graph implementation (e.g. Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph, HugeGraph, etc) if you were interested in all the details for how data is stored/used.