Modular4mo ago

Game Engine in Mojo?

I am trying to get into game development and wanted to use mojo. Is there a game engine in the works for Mojo as of now, or would I have to build a game from scratch once I learn the language?
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bunny4mo ago
@braeishelium , I'm not a Mojo expert. So, take this response with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, I have not seen a game engine for Mojo. At the moment, I'd be surprised if anybody was yet working on that, as game engines often rely on a lot of underlying libraries. But after underlying libs are in place, then perhaps somebody will make some kind of game engine. ...perhaps you'll be the one to make the engine. 😉
Ryulord4mo ago
You can call out to Python libraries so you can use something like pygame. Importing c libraries is also on the roadmap so you'll eventually be able to use something like sdl or raylib. There's nothing in pure Mojo yet though.