Struggling when changing tables relationships or columns

I find myself getting errors such as quite regularly [cause]: [ResponseError: SQLite error: no such table: main.old_push_business] { code: 'SQLITE_UNKNOWN', proto: { message: 'SQLite error: no such table: main.old_push_business', code: 'SQLITE_UNKNOWN' } } } It normally happens when I've changed a relationship or a column. I'll push the changes, it appears to be successful, I'll then try to run studio, which just gives me the loading spinner on the left where the columns normally are. I'll then try and push again and errors such as the above. This happens a lot, the work around I've found, at least locally, is to recreate the local db and push again which then seems to reset everything (I'm using LibSQL/Turso). Am I doing something fundamentally wrong that's causing these issues?
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Matt3mo ago